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How to host Online Windows Counter-Strike: 2 server?

How to host only for Lan/Internet?

Lan: Add to your server.cfg - sv_lan 1

Internet: sv_lan 0, and u need to port forward on your router.

TCP: 27015, 27036

UDP: 27015, 27020, 27031-27036

How to connect to the server?

Clients -> Open Console with button ~ -> connect serverip:port

How to launch CS2 server with Warden.exe? (Warden.exe is useful in case your server crashes it will auto-restart server!)

Download Windows Server manager

1. Download from ZIP config.wa & Warden.exe and extract it to your root game folder

2. Edit config.wa and define following options

* EXECUTABLE=bin/win64/cs2.exe (Location of your cs2.exe file)

* parameters= (Server launch option line, if you define invalid options your server will crash!)

* PW_IP= (Your public IP, just type in the google 'my ip')

* PW_PORT= (Port of your server, default one is - 27015)

3. Launch Warden.exe


Gamemode type launch parameters?

1.Add to your config.wa - parameters=

2. Info about the gamemode types - Valve wiki/CS:GO_Game_Modes

For example can host arms race and retakes,

sv_skirmish_id 10 for armsrace 12 for retakes

For retakes you need to copy d2 retakes spawn file from csgo to your cs2 maps folder

How to host multiple servers?

1. Make new folder or add in different location config.wa and Warden.exe

2. edit EXECUTABLE=bin/win64/cs2.exe to the location of new config.wa and Warden.exe location.

3. Add new port for example 27016 to the config.wa option - PW_PORT=

4. DONE, launch your new server!

How to have multiple server.cfg's ?

1. This works by adding +servercfgfile (e.g. "+servercfgfile server1.cfg") to your config.wa - parameters=.

Where to find CS2 server cvars?

Cvar List